Let me first start by saying, welcome to my blog and things might get a little awkward as I write this introduction for everyone to read.

Hi, my name is Sokjeta and I’m just an average “Jane” in this world. I started this blog because I have all these ideas for stories, but I’m not at all a good writer. Also I¬†procrastinate a lot, even if writing is my passion. I can’t seem to keep writing because sometimes I feel like it isn’t good enough, so I ask myself, “what’s the point?” So what’s a girl suppose to do in a situation like this?

Well I figure if I started a blog, at least it would help me share the thoughts that go through my head. Even if it’s just one person who ever reads it.

The writing that I would blog about are fantasy and sci-fi. Things I once dreamt about long ago. Spending so much time creating scenes and scenery all in my head. Giving a story to the character that play a role in this imaginary world I created.

If there is anyone that is reading this I hope you enjoy it.